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Strongheart Martial Arts Academy

"We build stronger minds, bodies, and hearts... one kick at a time"

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Welcome to Strongheart Martial Arts Academy!

We are dedicated to bringing the best martial arts education and certification to our students.


Our Taekwondo classes are designed to benefit our students physically, mentally, and to entertain. We have fun while we sweat and train!

Classes are offered for all ages and abilities. We do not discriminate on anything... but attitude.

We offer classes in Taekwondo, Korean art of kicking and punching, Hapkido, Korean art of self defense, and Kumdo, Korean art of the sword.

We offer training designed around the individual person

Everyone is different, no two people are exactly the same. Using this philosophy, we are able to train students from the age of 5 to 105, of all sizes and abilities. We try to adjust what is required of the student to fit what is capable of the student while still offering the student the opportunity to blossom.


Strongheart Martial Arts Academy has a strong lineage of traditional martial arts

We are a proud member of the Greenquist Academy Taekwondo Association which has locations in 5 states and growing. It is headquartered in Breckenridge, MN.



Greenquist Academy Taekwondo Association is a member of the United States Chang Moo Kwan Taekwondo Union, the third largest martial arts Association in the United States. Its headquarters are in Moorehead, MN, and has over 8,000 members.


The U.S.C.T.U. is a member of the World Chang Moo Kwan, one of the 13 original schools of taekwondo to come together to form a unified taekwondo in the Kukkiwon. It has its headquarters in Seoul, South Korea.

Print off a copy of our registration form at home and be prepared to sign up immediately!


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Strongheart Martial Arts Academy

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We welcome and encourage anyone to come to any of our our gyms to watch a class and even participate one night for FREE!